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Flip the Script

About the campaign

Flip the Script billboard






In October 2012, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Spike Lee, award-winning director and producer, introduced a multimedia, public awareness campaign called Flip the Script.

The campaign seeks to change the attitudes of and about young, black men, and their perception in the media and inspire young black men and boys to change their thinking. The Flip the Script campaign reveals what the New Orleans community has been missing by removing violence from the headlines and showing that hope remains. Throughout the city, billboards and outdoor advertising showcase common headlines that broadcast murders, while the messages visually take on the Flip the Script mantra by turning negative headlines into positive ones.

Results and achievements of the NOLA FOR LIFE Strategy are highlighted on the NOLA FOR LIFE Channel. The Flip the Script campaign was planned in partnership with Spike DDB, an international ad agency led by Lee, and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans.


Print Campaign

60 second Radio Spot


Outdoor Billboard

Outdoor Billboard