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Strengthen the NOPD

Strong police work combined with help from the community prevents violence in our neighborhoods and quickly holds those who commit violence accountable. Initiatives such as Increase Analytical Capacity at NOPD, NOPD Leadership Training, and Proactive Hot Spot Policing allow for an optimal allocation of resources to increase clearance rates and cause a deterrent effect. 

At the same time, the community and police need to have a mutual respect. If community members trust the police and feel they are treated fairly, they are more likely to confide in them with crime issues that occur. Giving youth and police an opportunity to engage in non-law enforcement settings sets the path of breaking down stereotypes and communication barriers. Initiatives such as Improve Community Trust with the Use of Procedural Justice, Release Public Calls for Service Data, and Enhancing Relationships Between Youth and Law Enforcement have aimed to do just that. 


Glenn Mueller – CEO, RPM Pizza (Domino’s)

Domino’s Pizza is fully behind the Mayor’s NOLA FOR LIFE strategy which is striving to reduce murder and violent crime. We are helping to support the New Orleans Police Department’s goal to recruit top candidates, and ‘Get Behind the Badge’ advertisements appear on Domino’s pizza boxes across the region. Domino’s employs over 700 team members in New Orleans. We support the Mayor’s initiative to provide jobs and pathways to success, as supplying part time jobs and full-time careers while making communities better has been a focus of our franchise for more than 30 years. Just as important though, is the need to create a safe environment for our team members – and all citizens of New Orleans – as they do their jobs and go about living their lives. The NOPD and NOLA FOR LIFE are key ingredients to reducing violence here and now. We encourage all companies and citizens to support safety initiatives like NOLA FOR LIFE.