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Overall Outcomes

The overall success of NOLA FOR LIFE is determined by one measure – murder reduction. In the 4 years since the NOLA FOR LIFE launch, there have been 86 fewer murders and an 18% lower murder rate than in the 4 years prior to NOLA FOR LIFE. 

Below are two visualizations of how New Orleans has performed in this measure.

  1. This graph shows the number of murders each month over the past 8 years. In the four years before the launch of NOLA FOR LIFE, more and more murders were occurring every month. In the four years since, murders have trended down. 

  2. New Orleans had the highest murder rate of any city in the nation each year from 2000-2011 (aside from 2005 & 2006, which were impacted by Hurricane Katrina). Below is a comparison in the murder rate reduction for the cities with the nation’s top 20 highest murder rates in 2011 (the year prior to NOLA FOR LIFE’s launch). New Orleans has had the largest murder rate reduction in that time period, and it has not had the nation’s highest murder rate since NOLA FOR LIFE began.

Note: Shootings and murders have seen similar changes over the past four years. A full examination of shootings vs. killings can be found in the “Other Factors, Challenges, and Benefits” section.