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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Launch date: August 2014 End date: N/A

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based decision-making framework that improves school climate by helping schools develop systems to use data for decision-making and problem solving, arrange the environment to help manage the development and occurrence of problem behavior, as well as teach and encourage pro-social skills and behaviors. 

The New Orleans Health Department, in collaboration with community partners, has provided training and technical assistance to New Orleans schools to build their capacity to implement PBIS. The City will continue to support local schools in the implementation of PBIS, as well as advocate for high-fidelity implementation of PBIS throughout New Orleans schools.

Why part of murder reduction strategy

Risk/protective factors addressed: School climates that are positive, safe and engaging

Performance indicators and results

Number of suspensions and expulsions in schools receiving technical assistance

School fidelity of PBIS implementation

A school is implementing PBIS with fidelity when the school achieves a score of at least 80% on the Schoolwide Evaluation Tool (SET)

Initiative partners

  • Participating Schools: Crescent Leadership Academy, Lake Area New Tech Early College High School, Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School
  • Operating Partner: Verbena Group, Strategies for Youth Development
  • Funder: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and U.S. Department of Education via the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention

Nicholas Dean – Principal, Crescent Leadership Academy

NOLA FOR LIFE is a community wide effort to confront and address some of the factors that lead young men to solve problems in an extreme way. The egregious use of violence has become a default way that many choose to address conflicts that could be handled more peacefully. NOLA FOR LIFE has benefited Crescent Leadership Academy through deliberate attention to restorative justice and cognitive interventions. When we have violence, or threats of violence on our campus, we seek to create empathy where none might not yet exist. We seek to create a human connection between both sides of the conflict, and we work to frame problems through a lens that creates multiple possible ways to handle problems, without a gun. Through the NOLA FOR LIFE community I have developed a resource network of qualified and capable people that continuously work toward this end.

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