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National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention

Launch date: September 2012 End date: N/A

The National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention (the Forum) is a network of communities and federal agencies that work together, share information and build local capacity to prevent and reduce youth violence. Established by President Obama in 2010, the Forum brings people together from diverse backgrounds to learn about the crisis of youth and gang violence in the U.S. and to build comprehensive solutions on the local and national levels. The goal of the Forum is to build community capacity to prevent youth violence. 

Supported by the Forum, the City of New Orleans developed the NOLA FOR LIFE PLAYbook: Promoting Life for all Youth, a strategic plan to prevent youth violence in New Orleans. The PLAYbook is designed to improve youth safety by addressing risk and protective factors for youth violence and coordinating resources for youth. 

Why part of murder reduction strategy

As a NOLA FOR LIFE initiative, the Forum is a link to the national conversation on youth violence and has served as an incubator for innovative local, community-based initiatives to prevent youth violence.

Performance indicators and results