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Connecting High Needs Students to the Coordinated System of Care

Launch date: March 2013 End date: May 2014

The New Orleans Health Department partnered with the Louisiana Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) to provide outreach to schools to raise awareness of the CSoC program, which provides wraparound services to children with serious behavioral health issues and their families. Through an intensive outreach project that provided a direct connection between CSoC staff and schools, schools are better equipped to identify students at risk for violence who may qualify for the program, understand the CSoC enrollment process and refer these students into the CSoC program. 

Why part of murder reduction strategy

Evidence base: According to a national evaluation of Systems of Care, youth involved in Systems of Care spend more time in school, have improved grades, have fewer arrests, show reductions in disciplinary problems, and have improved emotional health.8 

Performance indicators and results

Due to data limitations, we are unable to know how many of the 17 identified students were assessed for and enrolled in the CSoC program


8 Helping Youth Thrive in the Community (2008, May 8). Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Retrieved from

Initiative partners

  • Partners: Louisiana Coordinated System of Care, Metropolitan Human Services District 
  • Participating Schools: Sophie B Wright Charter School, McDonogh City Park Academy, McDonogh #32 Literacy Charter School, Miller McCoy Academy, ReNEW Schools

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