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Community Support for Victims of Violence

Launch date: 2013 End date: 2014

The Health Department worked with behavioral health community partners to ensure community access to support those who have experienced violent trauma. This collaborative process increased and supported the use of evidence-based trauma interventions, such as Psychological First Aid (PFA) and Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR). This initiative worked to build community resilience through trainings in trauma-focused interventions. 

Why part of murder reduction strategy

Most research now shows that resilience is the result of individuals having an environment that either promotes well-being or protects them against further exposure to violence or disaster and negative social environments. 

Risk/protective factors addressed: High emotional distress; exposure to violence

Performance indicators and results

Unmet need of individuals seeking counseling in response to a violent crime

As stated in the “Measuring Outcomes and Impact” section of NOLA FOR LIFE: A Comprehensive Murder Reduction Strategy, each metric is continually reviewed for appropriateness and adjusted as needed. This measure was determined not to be appropriate and was removed.

Initiative partners

  • Tulane University Department of Psychology, Project Fleur-de-lis, Children’s Bureau of New Orleans, The Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies

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